Newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I was receiving a huge variety of "advice" from folks near and far. I heard of Atlas Orthogonal as a treatment for MS patients who had experienced some sort of trauma to their neck. Not only had I experienced that myself, but also my brother and other MS patients I knew of had all been in accidents of some sort that probably affected their upper cervical health, though most of them had not received any sort of treatment for that. I began AO treatments at Precision Care Chiropractic at approximately the same time that I started my initial MS drug treatments, so it is difficult to say that my MRI improvements were the result of one or the other, but my neurologist said that my MRI results after six months were nothing less than remarkable! Most of my lesions all but disappeared. I can highly recommend Precision Care Chiropractic. Dr Zyla is easy to talk to, is neither "high-pressure" nor a "fear monger", and takes a common sense approach to health. ~Lou Ann W.

I love Dr Z and what a wonderful chiropractor she is. I would highly recommend her for spinal health! ~Gatha O.

Dr Z is a life changer! I went from having pain in my neck every time I turned to having zero pain and more flexibility. Not to mention a better night's sleep! Dr Z's adjustments are painless and easy-a total win-win. I would recommend her to anyone! -Amanda M.

My 12 month old was having consistent ear infections. It was every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks she had one. We came to Dr. Nicole and within one week NO EAR Infection. Now we are almost 2 months in and no sickness at all.  ~Courtney H.

When I first came to see Dr. Nicole Zyla-Herrera, I had lower back pain, constant headaches and shoulder pains but now (after 7 months) I don't get headaches like I use to and no lower back pains or shoulder pains. I have felt the difference. She has made a big difference in my life. Thanks Precision Care Chiropractic!  ~Marisol S.

I have been seeing Dr. Z for almost 2 years now. When I first came I was in terrible pain with Trigeminal Neuralgia. She helped me tremendously. I still have no pain and I have a healthier life! Thank you, Dr. Z!   ~ Tamara S.

I came to Dr. Z at Precision Care Chiropractic after visiting two different chiropractors previously. I had improved, but my adjustments were not holding and would only experience temporary relief. Dr. Z's explanation of the atlas orthogonal method made sense to me, and after trying it, we will be landing here for our chiropractic care. She and office staff are attentive, knowledgeable, and professional. ~ Shane O.

When I came to Precision, my upper back, neck & shoulders were all messed up. I am a hair dresser so it is imperative I keep up with my body. Thanks to Dr. Zyla-Herrera, I am able to get through a week of work. Once my atlas finally realized it wasn't going to win, it is now holding even through a week of styling hair. I'm so grateful I have someone in charge or maintaining my health so I can continue to maintain my clients' beauty.  ~ Jessica T.

Dr. Z cured my throat after (3) trips to a medical Dr. with (3) different antibiotics and no help- allergies & sinuses greatly improved. Thanks, Dr. Z.  ~ Jean L.

Nicole knows her stuff….after suffering for years…she zeroed right in on the problem and showed me solid proof to backup what she was saying. I don’t get needless add on’s and don’t feel pressured….I trust her and get relief and know that what she is doing is for the good of me and my spine. I have recommended her to others and can say I have finally found a DR that I trust and who has helped me heal.  ~ Diane L.

Dr. Z helped me when I thought all was lost. I went to a chamber meeting and was talking to another chiropractor who had a booth set up. Unknowingly, he was adjusting my neck. *Bad Mistake* My head felt like a bowling ball on top of my shoulders. Long story short, two visits to Dr. Z and an AO treatment and I was feeling - wonderful again!  ~ Jamie O.

I have been struggling with back and neck pain and chronic headaches for over 20 years. When I found atlas orthogonal chiropractic, I finally had hope that I could get well. Dr. Z is extremely competent and professional. She makes you feel relaxed and comfortable with everything. There are no insurance hassles. They take care of everything. I recommend her to all my friends.  ~ Steve H.

Dr. Z has changed my life. I have had intense, chronic neck pain for 13 years. I have been to multiple doctors, tried muscle relaxers, physical therapy, lidocaine injections, Botox injections, and traditional chiropractic care for 2 years (helped moderately). It was not until a few months of Dr. Z's care that I found relief for the first time in over a decade. It happened gradually, but one day I realized I hadn't taken any pain relievers, used a heating pad or Icy Hot in months. These all used to be a daily part of my life to manage the pain. This care has totally changed my life. I still have moderate pain occasionally, particularly if I exert myself, but daily pain is gone! It's a huge weight lifted. I am a much happier person and every area of my life and health has improved now that I am no longer in chronic pain. After 2 years, I am still seeing regular improvement, so I know it will only continue to get better! I would recommend this care to anyone. Thanks Dr. Z!  ~ Robyn B.

I found Dr. Z after a battle to find relief for years. After seeing multiple chiropractors and medical doctors, no one could help me with improving my pain. In utter desperation, I scoured the internet and stumbled upon Atlas Orthogonal. I truly feel like God led me to Dr. Z. The first time she adjusted me, I felt relief and changes I had not felt in years. She has changed my life and my quality of living.   ~ Sherry M.

Dr. Zyla-Herrera is an absolute professional. She is extremely knowledgeable, equipped, and interested in helping her patients. One thing in particular that I really appreciate is that, although she understands the process that the body goes through; she makes sure you understand it as well. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and was actually a little hesitant. So glad I found and chose Dr. Z. I feel progress with every visit; and even though I'm still in the primary stages of healing, I have a great feeling about my outcome! ~ Emily P.

I came here because I was dealing with shoulder and neck pain for about 6 months. After my first treatment I felt better. I have been continuing to come here because it wasn't a quick fix. Each time I feel better & better. Dr. Z & her staff are great! Easy talk to and always happy to help with any questions I may have. She has even given me home exercises to do to help strengthen me and my back! I tell everyone how great she is & how much she has helped me! Thanks Dr. Z and Tonya!  ~ Ginger H.

My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Z for over a year. We both have been amazed at the difference her treatment has made for both of us. We both believe in the Atlas Orthagonal method and we certainly believe in Dr. Z. Her caring personality and professionalism make us look forward to seeing her each appointment.  ~ Tim & Jean R.

I really like the way that Dr. Zyla can adjust me without making it hurt. She is able to get to the problem areas without having to put me in precarious positions and making it a painful big movement to get me in alignment and I always get off the table feeling better. ~ Melissa C.

As a long time sufferer of migraine headaches, I have tried just about everything out there that is available to prevent or eliminate them. I was hesitant to try chiropractics for anything until my brother-in-law from North Carolina told me about the Orthagonal Chiropractic approach and how much it had eliminated with his wife's migraines. At that point, I thought, "Why not?" His North Carolina doctor sent me an email to Dr Z's website and here I am about 8 months later just about totally free of my headaches! AMAZING!!

 Dr. Z is not only kind, professional, and punctual, she is very good at teaching you how the body works and why the techniques she uses help to eliminate the problem. I am always surprised at how much better I feel after an adjustment-even if I had no pain at the time of the office visit!  ~ Stephanie K.

I was so thrilled to have found Dr. Zyla-Herrera! I was in desperate need of an adjustment but only wanted to go to a chiropractor that uses the atlas orthogonal technique. I feel a thousand times better after I get done with my adjustments. I started going to Dr. Zyla-Herrera when I was 20 or so weeks pregnant and it truly helped with my pregnancy. She was so gentle and I felt great afterwards. Dr. Zyla-Herrera truly cares about your health and well being and not just wanting to give a quick fix. I am so impressed with her customer service... She sent a card after I had my baby girl! She is so thoughtful and on top of it all I feel amazing when I leave! If you are looking for a chiropractor Dr. Zyla-Herrera is the one! ~ Kara S.

I was referred to Dr. Zyla by my primary care physician, and making that call has been the best advice I've followed for my overall health and well-being. I had suffered for years from neck and pelvic pain, as well as experienced frequent debilitating sinus migraine headaches. Within a few weeks I noticed that my headaches were becoming less frequent, less severe, and of shorter duration. I would say now that I "almost" get a headache and it rarely materializes. I rarely need OTC pain meds. Overall, I am feeling better and more aware of my body. I can tell when my spine is "out" and I am holding the alignments longer. I credit my success to Dr. Zyla's multi-faceted approach to health and well-being. She is interested in my overall wellness goals and works with me in reaching them. I also have to give kudos to the wonderful technology she uses for analysis and progress charting. I love "seeing" how I am progressing. She is a wonderful partner in my self-care plan. ~ Janet E.

Dr. Zyla has helped me when I was in acute back pain and guided me through a difficult time to no pain.  Now, I feel more energy and healthier with new habits to eating, posture and stress management.  I am so grateful for all of her help. ~ Danielle G.

I have been to many chiropractors over the past 19 years.  With the Atlas Orthogonal Technique there is no cracking, popping or snapping of the neck.  It is a painless adjustment, almost like nothing was done but afterwards you will notice even that smallest adjustment will make a big difference with your health condition.  I have experienced more energy throughout the day and better sleep throughout the night as a result of my care at Precision Care Chiropractic.  ~ Jean R.

After the extreme trauma of a rear end collision by a semi-truck, I needed chiropractic help, but couldn't bear the thought of crunching and cracking of bones. I found Dr. Z's website and knew that her orthogonal specialty was what was needed, so booked a consultation. Her depth of compassion and care for her patients was evident, and her commitment to marry science and the latest technology with a firm foundation in wholistic health and personal responsibility to work with your body to heal, was just what I needed. Using her scanner, she showed me tangible results of why I felt so shattered, revealing how various nervous system congestion had me all over the place.  More importantly, she assured me that all could be brought back to alignment. After countless sessions of body work in my life, I was amazed at the gentle approach which allowed the body and gravity to adjust, with SUPPORT by her healing presence. This is just what I needed, tenderness to correct a real problem within me. Her understanding of the affect of subluxations and how they effect not only the body, but the feelings, the thoughts, and the spirit, well she is truly a wholistic practioner, fitted out with the latest science. The area is blessed to have such a soul here. ~ Kalar

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