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What is the Atlas?

The Atlas is the top bone of the spine. It is the vertebrae that the head rests on. The average human head weighs between 9 and 14 lbs. This is a tremendous amount of weight sitting on top of such a small, freely movable bone. Considering all the ways we are physically able to move our head and neck, it is not surprising that the Atlas can misalign quite easily. Physical, biochemical and emotional stresses are among the greatest causes of atlas misalignment. A wide variety of trauma, sometimes as simple as sleeping wrong or receiving a bump to the head, can cause such misalignments to occur. You can imagine how significant falls and auto accidents can be to the alignment of the spine.

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Symptoms that an Atlas Orthogonal adjustment have been shown to correct:

Arthritis  Herniated Disc Sciatica 
 Asthma  High Blood Pressure  Scoliosis
 Athletic and auto injuries  Infertility  Sinus & allergy problems
 ADD, ADHD  Leg and Arm Numbness  Frequent colds
 Allergies  Dizziness  Ear Aches
 Chronic Fatigue  Migraines & other headaches
 Chronic Pain  Multiple Sclerosis
 Depression  Neck and back pain

What does the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor Do?

Almost every day we see patients with one or more of the above health complaints. However, we do the same thing to each patient - and we have a success ratio of up to 90%.   We make a painless and safe A.O. spinal correction of the area where the head and neck join that is engineered to:

  • Restore Body Balance
  • Remove Brain Stem stress, tension and pressure
  • Increase blood and oxygen circulation
  • Restore the normal flow of health and healing messages that travel from the brain by way of the brain stem, to all parts of body
  • Re-activate the body's self healing process

    Prior to treatment, very specific x-rays are taken and we develop a formula necessary to make the A.O. spinal correction.

    Although the methodology is the same with each patient, the formula for each correction is determined on an individual basis from the pre x-ray analysis. We know that no two patients are alike. There are hundreds of different combinations of structural misalignments that can dictate which corrective formula we administer to the patient.  Once an A.O. spinal correction has been made, which is verified by post x-rays, no additional corrections are necessary as long as the body remains balanced and retains the correction. Usually, x-rays are only necessary at the first appointment.

    Each A.O. spinal correction is specifically engineered for each individual patient. When the correction is made and body balance is restored, immediately muscles begin to relax, blood and oxygen circulation are increased, stress, tension and pressure is removed from the brain stem, healing messages flow from the brain to the effected area of the body and the self-healing process begins.

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