Chiropractic for Children

Children Have Spines Too!

Why would a child have a spine and nervous system problem? Traumatic births, learning to walk, slips, falls, hitting your head. The list is endless. Yet, because children have such an adaptive capacity, these problems are often brushed off as "growing pains" or just a "phase they're going through."

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”

Many patients report that chiropractic care has been helpful for colic, ear infections, erratic sleeping habits, bedwetting, scoliosis, “growing pains” and many other common childhood health complaints.

The concern that many parents have is that chiropractic adjustments will be too forceful. They mistakenly think that their child will receive adjustments like ones they receive. Not only are adjusting techniques modified for each person's size and unique spinal problem, an infant's spine rarely has the long-standing muscle tightness seen in adults. This makes a child's chiropractic adjustments gentle.

Knowing exactly where to adjust, newborns and infants are adjusted with no more pressure than you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato. Many parents have commented that they see almost instant improvements in the well-being of their child.

Uncorrected problems in children, even without symptoms, may continue along into adulthood when it causes major issues that require more extensive treatment.

My 12 month old was having consistent ear infections. It was every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks she had one. We came to Dr. Nicole and within one week NO EAR Infection. Now we are almost 2 months in and no sickness at all. ~Courtney H.