Neck Pain

Do You Have a Pain in the Neck?


Do you have a pain in the neck? While we all experience life’s pains in the neck (a surprise visit from your in-laws, calls about your car’s extended warranty, to name a few) neck pain does not have to be one of them. 


Millions of Americans suffer from neck pain annually, and studies are showing that the price tag attached to it is staggering. According to an article from the Journal of the American Medical Association, in 2016 alone neck and low back pain accounted for an estimated $134 billion in combined healthcare spending, even higher than diabetes and hypertension. (


Some common contributors to neck pain are:

  • neck muscle strains from poor posture while using a computer or cell phone
  • carrying heavy bags or purses on one shoulder on the same side
  • unsupported sleeping posture


Here are some tips you can try today to better support your neck and spine:

  • Bring computer and phone screens to eye level.  This will help reduce the hunched forward posture that strains neck muscles producing soreness.  Also, take frequent desk breaks to get up, move, and stretch. The neck, spine, and nervous system thrive on motion!
  • Switch shoulders when carrying purses and use a wider strap.  Doing this will help to balance and disperse the extra weight that is being carried.
  • Stop sleeping on your stomach and start sleeping on your back or side. Stomach sleeping causes the neck muscles to strain throughout the night.  Also, using a pillow that supports the curve of the neck and keeps the spine neutral is important to allow the muscles of the neck to rest and repair while you sleep.

At Precision Care Chiropractic, we specialize in a gentle technique for the upper neck called Atlas Orthogonal.  This technique is designed to optimize the function of your nervous system and restore balance throughout your body. If you’re dealing with neck pain, contact us to find some relief. 

Dr. Ashley Hooper, D.C. is an upper cervical chiropractor in Franklin. Dr. Ashley is dedicated to teaching the community about natural healthcare.