Consistent Changes

Consistency is Key to Lasting Change



Have you set a New Year’s Resolution for 2022?


If you have, we’d like to let you in on a powerful ingredient to making lasting changes over time: consistency. A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that consistent repetition of a new behavior changes the wiring in your brain to make it easier to develop and maintain new habits. (


Here are some easy ways to jumpstart your consistency:

  • Think about why the resolution is important to you and write it down.
  • Schedule time specifically to focus on working toward the new goal each day (exercise class, drinking more water, new language lesson, etc.)
  • Set a daily alert on your phone to help remind you to do the new activity.
  • Spend time visualizing the outcome you are looking for daily to keep you motivated to continue doing the new activity.
  • Find an accountability partner, and share what you have done to keep your resolution at a weekly check in.
  • Keep a daily self-reflection journal of what you have done to work towards your resolution.
  • Plan periodic parties or rewards throughout the year to look forward to celebrating the changes you’re making!


Happy New Year and remember, each new year offers 365 days of new opportunities to make a change!  We would love to help support you in making a positive change in your health through chiropractic care.  Don’t wait, call in for an appointment today! 

Dr. Ashley Hooper, D.C. is an upper cervical chiropractor in Franklin. Dr. Ashley is dedicated to teaching the community about natural healthcare.